Meet Our Team

Allie Lundberg

Name: Allie Duclos


Years doing CrossFit: 4 years (started 1/3/2015)


Certifications and Qualifications:  Bachelors in Early Childhood Education, Masters in Elementary Education, Coaching Certificate (CT and MA), CrossFit Level 1, First Aid/CPR/AED Certified


Why did you start? Why do you continue?:

I started CrossFit thanks to one of my best friends.  I was in a relationship that was turning me into someone else. I’ve always been confident, but I was losing confidence in myself.  I was going back to bad habits and found myself stressed all of the time. While I was blind to this in the moment, my friends were not.  CrossFit got me back on the right track.  My friend Danna bought me my on-ramp class and my first month and I was sold! I found myself in the gym 5-6 days a week. I was finding strength in me that I had never knew I had. This new found confidence in myself made me realize that I could do better! I left the bad relationship, took some time to myself and later joined when I was ready.  About a month into joining, I met the man who I will soon call my husband.  I continue CrossFit because it makes me the best version of me.  CrossFit is my outlet, the people are my family and even after 4 years, the workouts challenge my fitness level and inner strength everyday! This has become my lifestyle.


One year after starting CrossFit, I started coaching CrossFit. I love to coach because I love working with people.  I have been coaching sports since I was 14 years old. Through coaching, I love teaching life lessons I have learned to others.  The idea of using CrossFit to strengthen the body and mind is something that I am very passionate about.  These skills not only change our workouts but give us a different outlook on life.


Current Job: I have been an upper elementary math teacher for 5 years and recently started a new job as a math instructional coach.


Favorite Benchmark WOD: Grace


Favorite Movement: Any Snatch!


Least Favorite Movement: C2B


What would you tell someone walking into the first time: YOU CAN DO THIS! The hardest part is getting here and you’ve already done that.  Every day you will prove to yourself you can do a little more! Be positive, be confident and you will surprise yourself.


Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Oh boy- Can I say all of them? Anything with baked goods in it (cookie dough, brownies etc)


Favorite Color: Blue


Interesting Facts:


-       I grew up in South Windsor, CT. 

-        I was fortunate to grow up with my mom, dad and brother who I am still very close with today. 

-       I aspire to be principal one day. 

-       I currently live in Sturbridge, MA with my husband Kevin and our three dogs Nyla, Rosco and Luna.

-       In my free time I love spending time at the gym, going to the pool/beach, traveling anywhere around the world, spending time with my family and friends and watching superhero movies and “Friends.

Bree Wiater

Name: Bree Wiater 

Certifications/Degrees: CF-L1, Bachelor of Science in Sports Medicine & Physical Education 

When did you start CrossFit?: March 2015 

Why did you start and why do you continue?: I started CrossFit after I had stopped playing team sports. I found the regular gym routine to be mundane and had hit a plateau in my training. I wasn’t enjoying working out anymore and needed something to feed my competitive side. I continue to do CrossFit because it’s not just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. There is always room for growth and that is exciting. CrossFit has given me a community of like-minded individuals with a common goal: to live a healthy lifestyle and have fun while doing it! 

Current Job/Career: Account Manager of Office Services at STCC 

Favorite Benchmark WOD: Diane 

Favorite Movement: Bar Muscle Up 

Least Favorite Movement: snatch 

What would you tell someone walking in the door for the first time?: Don’t be intimidated, everyone starts somewhere. There will be plenty of things you’ll excel in and plenty of things you’ll need to improve upon, but that’s life! As long as you commit to creating a better, healthier, fitter’ll be successful here! 

Favorite ice cream flavor: Chocolate Almond Chip 

Favorite Color: dusty rose 

Interesting fact(s) about yourself: I am a terrible cook. I have a decent singing voice but nobody will ever hear it because surprisingly, I'm shy about it. 

Joanna Guindon

Name: Joanna Guindon 

Certifications/degrees/qualifications: L1, aerobic capacity certification, Registered Nurse, CPR professional rescue certification 

When did you start CrossFit?: 2014 

Why did you start and why do you continue?: I started CrossFit to help get ready for an upcoming obstacle course race. I stay because CrossFit challenges my body, brings peace to my mind and most of all has given me so many amazing friendships. 

Current job/career: Hospice Nurse 

Favorite benchmark WOD: The Chief 

Favorite movement: Thrusters 

Least favorite movement: Double unders 

What would you tell someone walking in the door for the first time?: Know that everyone of us had a first day, be patient, kind and most of all have fun ! 

Favorite Ice cream flavor: Mint chocolate chip 

Favorite color:Blue 

Interesting fact(s) about yourself:
I once hated running but now I have run 5 marathons, dozens of half marathons and almost every distance obstacle course race.
I was walking at 9 months old, spoke complete sentences at 1 year old but I can’t remember to bring my coffee cup home from the gym . 

Jay Assad

Name: Jason Assad 

Certifications: CF-L1 

Why did you start and why do you continue?: At the time that I was introduced to CrossFit I was training in MMA. I was looking for some training outside of what I was doing and CrossFit sounded like a great training style. I needed more metabolic training than what I was getting and CrossFit proved to be a perfect training method for what I was looking for. Eventually, after a couple years of training both, I went full time CrossFit. I continue to CrossFit because I love the variance which keeps it so interesting and challenging. I also love the community of people that it brings together and love the CrossFit methodology and goal to get people educated and healthy in their fitness journey. 

Current job/career: Flooring Contractor 

Favorite Benchmark WOD: Fran 

Favorite Movement: Snatch 

Least Favorite Movement: Front Squat 

What would you tell someone walking in the door for the first time?: I would tell them that CrossFit is a great training program that focuses on all areas of fitness which keeps it interesting and fun. The beautiful thing about it is that it’s infinitely scalable, meaning that no matter what your fitness level is, there is always a scalable workout that will work for you. 

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 

Favorite Color: Black 

Interesting facts about yourself: I love to read and listen to podcasts. I love to cook. 

Mackenzy Ryan

Name: Mackenzy (Mack) Ryan

Certifications/degrees/qualifications: L1  

When did you start CrossFit: Sept 2015 

Why did you start and why do you continue? I was an athlete my whole life and was looking to get back into a sport. I stayed in CrossFit because there’s always something to chase after; always something to improve on. 

Current job/career: Occupational Therapist Favorite benchmark wod: DT 

Favorite movement: Power cleans 

Least favorite movement: Pistols 

Fav ice cream: Cookie Dough 

Fav color: Army Green 

Fun fact about yourself: I can juggle 

Sam Wiater

Name: Sam Wiater 

Certifications/Degrees: CF-L1, Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science, Bachelor of Science in Regional Planning 

When did you start CrossFit?: December 2015 

Why did you start and why do you continue?: During my teenage years I was an endurance athlete, running Cross Country and Track and Field in high school. An injury prevented me from running competitively in college so I shifted my focus to mountain biking and rock climbing. In March 2015, I had a complete rupture of my patellar tendon which forced me to stop being active. Once I was healed, my wife convinced me to try CrossFit due to the fact that all the movements could be scaled to the needs of my knee’s rehabilitation. I continue to do CrossFit because it is the perfect combination of sport and fitness that allows me to live a healthier lifestyle and excel in a physically demanding career. The constant variety and community keep me interested and coming back day after day. 

Current job/Career: Explosive Detection Canine Imprinter and Trainer 

Favorite benchmark WOD: Helen 

Favorite Movement: Cleans 

Least Favorite Movement: Snatches 

What would you tell someone walking in the door for the first time?: Take it slow. A solid foundation and proper mechanics are much more impressive than heavy weight. 

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Vanilla mixed with Hershey’s chocolate syrup 

Favorite Color: Green 

Interesting facts about yourself: I can and will eat an entire large pizza by myself. I love to fish. 

Matt Long

Name: Matthew Long


Years doing CrossFit: Started in 2014


Certifications and Qualifications: CrossFit L1


Why did you start? Why do you continue?: I started CrossFit after doing BeachBody workouts for a year or so and getting bored with them. My brother had found CrossFit and when I saw the results he was getting I decided to check it out. 3 minutes into observing that first class I knew it was just what I was looking for. Constantly varied movements, weightlifting, Olympic lifts, cardio and gymnastics with a group of like minded individuals had me hooked. 

 I continue because it works. There’s always something to improve and work on which means there’s endless opportunities to earn a feeling of accomplishment. 

Current Job: Senior Custodian Szetela Preschool Chicopee MA


Favorite Benchmark WOD: Fran


Favorite Movement: Clean and Jerk


Least Favorite Movement: Overhead squat


What would you tell someone walking into the first time: Hi! My name is Matt. If you remember one thing from your foundation class I hope it’s “form before intensity” so leave your ego at the door and, most importantly, have fun!


Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Moose Tracks


Favorite Color: Green


Interesting Facts about yourself: I was found in the streets of Korea as a baby. I got put in an orphanage and didn’t get adopted until around 1 1/2 years old. My birthday is actually a  “best guess” date from the people in the orphanage.

Lori Assad

Name: Lori Assad

Certs/Degrees: L-2/ CrossFit Gymnastics/ CrossFit Kids/ CrossFit Aerobic Capacity/ A.S. Fitness, Health & Nutrition/ AHA CPR/AED

When did you start CrossFit?: August 2010

Why did you start and why do you continue?: I started just 3 months after my son was born. I was active already, training for the NYC marathon, but a friend started doing CrossFit and encouraged me to try it. I hesitated at first, thinking I needed to get in shape before starting. Finally, I did it and I knew instantly that I had found a new method of training. I remember in one of my first classes I did a 65# thruster; I had never felt so empowered. Over the years, CrossFit changed my life. I gained physical and mental strength. I became confident and independent. I knew there was nothing that I couldn't handle. I continue to do CrossFit because I haven't found anything that completes me like CrossFit does and I want to share that with others. Whatching people do things that seem impossible is the greatest feeling in the world!

Current job/career: USPS and owner/coach at Aspiration CrossFit

Favorite Benchmark WOD: I have so many its hard to choose...DT, Grace and Nancy are among the top

Favorite Movement: gymnastics: muscle up barbell: clean

Least Favorite Movement: sumo deadlift high pull

What would you tell someone walking into the gym for the first time?: CrossFit is hard, but anything of any worth is hard. Give it a chance, scale appropriately, don't compete with anyone else, put your ego aside and have FUN! Commit to 30 days and you'll be amazed at your growth. 

Favorite Color: purple

Interesting facts about yourself: I have a crazy obsession with workout clothes (not surprising). I hate being the center of attention. I hate the sound of my voice and I'd rather stay home than go out on a Saturday night. 

Lauren Jimison

Name: Lauren (LJ) Jimison 

Cerifications/degrees/qualifications: Certified Athletic Trainer, EMT, Bachelor of Science in Sports Medicine, Masters of Science in Sport Rehabilitation 

When did you start CrossFit?: 2011 

Why did you start and why do you continue?: I started CrossFit because I was bored with running and globo-gym activities. I continue to do it because it changed my life and I enjoy how mentally tough it is. 

Current job/career: Certified Athletic Trainer and Clinical Education Coordinator for the Athletic Training Education Program at Westfield State University 

Favorite Benchmark WOD: Grace 

Favorite Movement: Snatch 

Least Favorite Movement: Thruster 

What would you tell someone walking in the door for the first time?: Hey! Welcome and get ready to have some fun! 

Favorite Ice Cream: chocolate peanut butter swirl 

Favorite Color: blue 

Interesting fact about yourself: I highly dislike uneven numbers.